Naturally focused

Learn about the natural world.

Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, a city known for its many trees and its easy access to the Peak District National Park, Naturally Focused is ideally located for delivering inspirational outdoor education.

There are many ways in which I can help you learn about the natural world. Walk with me through a wood, the ultimate natural classroom. Immerse yourself in the magic of trees, and learn how to identify different species and historic veterans.

Bring your camera along for a nature photography class in one of Sheffield’s ancient woodlands. Here you will not only be taught about the technical and artistic aspects of making photos, but you will also be shown what seasonal plants to look out for. You can also sign up for online photography courses tailored to help you see nature with an expert eye.

Join me in the garden or online for training sessions on how to grow your own food, with courses suitable for the beginner gardener and for those wanting to improve their harvest. Learn how to design confidently with plants and create a wildlife haven that not only contributes to a biodiverse environment but also nourishes your soul.

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