Leading a walk in Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield
Naturally Focused was created to share ecological knowledge and promote the many benefits of engaging with nature. Drawing upon two decades of landscape exploration, and a lifetime of working with plants, it is my aim to help connect you with nature’s magic.

Spending time in natural surroundings is good for our physical health and mental wellbeing.  ‘Nature cures’ now feature among the social prescriptions made by GPs.  Learning about plants and trees is rewarding, as the more you understand the more remarkable the world around is revealed to be.  And what better way to experience nature than in the company of a seasoned guide?

My lifelong love of nature led to me working as a landscape photographer for many years, which provided an excuse to seek out Britain’s habitats from coast to mountaintop. Along the way I learned to recognise the plants and trees that make this island so special.  Importantly, I also realised that nature was the key to my own wellbeing and I became an advocate for its healing potential.

In 2017 I co-created Sheffield Woodland Connections project with ecologist Christine Thuring in support of the Charter for Tree Charter, Woodlands and People.  Since 2018 I have led interpretative woodland walks and nature photography workshops at various sites across the city with the support of Sheffield City Council.