2020 Gardening Zooms online programme

On consecutive Sunday afternoons I tackle a different gardening topic in a 90-minute Zoom. Each session includes a five minute break in the middle, so you can get a cup of tea, and ten minutes for questions at the end.

The maximum group size is limited to 15 participants. Place availability is on a first come, first served basis.  To book your place please email: franhalsall@googlemail.com

Plants from an insects point of view

SOLD OUT: Plants from an insects point of view
Sunday 7th June from 16:30-18:00  

One-off price of £5.

Learn to see plants from an insects point of view. We will explore what different flower types mean to pollinators and what plants help feed herbivorous insects. You will be given tools to recognise which plants, of the many choices available for planting in your garden, will actually support pollinators and other insects.

The edible and herbal wildlife garden

SOLD OUT: The edible and herbal wildlife garden
Sunday 14th June from 16:30-18:00  


Plants and their role in the edible and herbal wildlife garden. We will be looking at vegetables, fruits and also herbs, both aromatic and medicinal, and their value for both us and for wildlife.

Creating wildlife ponds: design, construction and planting

SOLD OUT: Creating wildlife ponds: design, construction and planting
Sunday 21st June from 16:30-18:00  


All you need to know about creating wildlife ponds including: optimal design to benefit amphibians; choosing construction materials; and planting selection for both aquatic and marginal zones.

Creating a woodland garden

Creating a woodland garden
Sunday 28th June from 16:30-18:00  


Whether your garden is large or small, with room for one tree or a whole woodland, we will discuss the ecological value of planting trees. The session will cover choosing the appropriate sized tree(s) for your space and what plants will thrive in a woodland-style setting.

SOLD OUT: Right plant, right place: applying this in your own garden
Sunday 5th July from 16:30-18:00  


The concept of ‘Right plant, right place’ is fundamental to successful and hassle free gardening. Learn how to apply this idea to your own garden and how to keep track of plant information using planting tables.

SOLD OUT: How to garden sustainably and resourcefully
Sunday 12th July from 16:30-18:00  


Learn how to garden sustainably and make use of free resources. This session will include: rainwater collection and grey water usage; saving seed; and the dos and don’ts of making compost at home.

SOLD OUT: Plant ID and plant function
Sunday 19th July from 16:30-18:00  


Learn to ID plants using leaf shape, plant form and habit. Plus how to use foliage and different plant forms to a create a stunning wildlife refuge with year round interest.

Vegetable growing: for beginners and small gardens

SOLD OUT: Vegetable growing: for beginners and small gardens
Sunday 26th July from 16:30-18:00  


Approaches to vegetable growing for those with minimal experience and for people with small gardens. We will discuss which crops are practical in a limited amount of space, plus the vegetables that germinate easily and generate good yields.

Growing veg: crop rotation, nutrition and pest/disease control

SOLD OUT: Growing vegetables: crop rotation, nutrition and pest/disease control
Sunday 2nd August from 16:30-18:00  


This session will examine efficiency in the vegetable garden, using crop rotation and minimal digging. We will also cover the basics of soil nutrition, how to prevent disease and natural approaches to pest control.

timing and lighting photography zoom

Genus and species: the ecology of native and near natives
Sunday 9th August from 16:30-18:00  


Learn about the importance of native plants but also why they are not the only thing you should consider using in a wildlife-friendly garden. We will look in depth at closely related plants, some native others not, on a genus and species level.

Making meadows and wildflower gardens
Sunday 16th August from 16:30-18:00  


Learn how to make meadows and wildflower gardens using different establishment approaches and mowing/cutting regimes. The session will include a comprehensive discussion of plant choices for different garden settings.

How to survey and plan your garden
Sunday 23rd August from 16:30-18:00  


Learn how to survey your garden, including how to use freely available online map data. Plus an introduction to creating a garden plan using drawings done to scale.