Advanced vegetable growing – Learn Online


Saturday 12th December 4.30pm

Learn how to achieve increased vegetable productivity in your garden, following sustainable methods that care for the ecosystem in this online, expert led session.

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Advanced vegetable growing course: crop rotation and sustainable management

This online learning session on advanced vegetable growing is for the more seasoned gardener. It will result in increased productivity following sustainable methods that care for the ecosystem as a whole.

You will examine efficiency in the vegetable garden, using crop rotation and minimal digging; how to mix and match your plant families to prevent disease; natural approaches to pest control and the basics of soil nutrition.

Join online – Saturday 12th December 4.30pm.

Course Overview

The 90-minute, live, online session will be delivered by gardening and nature expert, Fran Halsall. During the session you can expect;

  • Introduction to ‘Advanced vegetable growing: crop rotation and sustainable management ‘
  • Efficiency
  • Crop rotation and minimal digging
  • Mixing and matching to prevent disease
  • Natural pest control
  • Soil nutrition

Each session is limited to 15 people to ensure quality and includes:

  • Five-minute tea break half-way through
  • Short Q&A at the end
  • Recording of the Zoom meeting, to download and rewatch at your leisure
  • PDF version of the tutorial to help you with your garden projects

You will be emailed a link with instructions on how to join the Zoom meeting ahead of the session.

Book now to avoid disappointment. Introductory offer ends 31st October.

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