Learn with Fran as she shares 30 years of experience as both artist and gardener. Be inspired by in-depth learning taught with a light touch.

Fran’s expertise spans the worlds of trees, gardening and photography – the thread connecting them being her lifelong fascination with plants. With a Fine Art BA and a Landscape Architecture MA, Fran has a firm grounding in art, design, horticulture and ecology.

This combination of creative vision informed by practical skills and a passion for the subject, shines through in her teaching and walk leading.

From Fran’s compact cottage garden great ideas grow. It is the inspiration for much of her photography and is where she puts her ecological design principles into practice. A space where sustainability, functionality and beauty collide.

Part wildlife habitat, part home allotment for growing organic vegetables, the garden overflows with plants and Fran is always thinking up ways to fit in a few more.

Down-to-earth teaching

A down-to-earth approach allows Fran to deliver complex technical information – be it plant taxonomy or f-stops – in accessible terms. Drawing upon mistakes as well as successes, she translates her experiences into easily understood nuggets of information. This extends to presentations and workshop notes, where a clear visual style makes content engaging and memorable.

Learn with Fran and benefit from her 15 years of teaching and outdoor activity leading experience. Fran has taught thousands of satisfied customers and is one of Sheffield City Council’s trusted traders, leading walks and workshops in the city’s woodlands and green spaces.

Live sessions

The value of teaching live online sessions, as with leading walks and outdoor workshops, is in the level of interaction provided. There is always time for answering your questions, further discussion and the sharing of additional practical examples to support learning. Limited group sizes mean that you are assured of receiving a high quality educational experience.

Customer feedback

“…loved your photography and I now go round stating ‘Fran says…’! Thanks very much for your huge input and work, I only hope some sinks in…” – Anne Baber 

I really enjoyed the session I attended on vegetable gardening for beginners/in small spaces and thought it was very comprehensive and easy to follow.” – Chloe Cheeseman

“I’ve loved these Zooms! Signed up for 9 and have really enjoyed them. Really useful and informative, no jargon and very easy to follow. Added bonus is being to able to access afterwards when I’ve had to miss a couple. Thanks Fran, wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, beginner or otherwise.” – Sarah Deakin

“Thank you Fran and thanks for another great zoom session.  I’ve really enjoyed them all and its great to have the files for reference.  I’ve learnt so much and been inspired”  – Eleri Norris

“I just wanted to say how fantastic that was – it was so informative but in a really approachable way. I’m feeling so inspired and like I can actually do it!”  – Anna Pethen

“I found the right plant, right place tutorial really useful and pitched at just the right level. There was no assumption that the participants already knew a lot and, as someone just starting to get into gardening, I really appreciated that..” – Sue Taylor

“I enjoyed this evening – genus and species amongst my favourite sessions.  Thanks for sharing your fantastic knowledge.” – Sally Weston

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